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What None Needs To Know Before Taking Part In IAS Exams

Exams are used to measure suitability of a candidate. All around the world, education systems are tailored that there are exams to be undertaken at a certain point while organizations use the strategy to get the best performers. In order to serve in the Indian government one is required to have successfully undertaken various IAS exams and performed to the satisfaction of regulating bodies.

Unlike the traditional exams, IAS exams follow a specified pattern. The pattern starts with preliminary stage that is used to ascertain ones eligibility to proceed with the rest of the tests. The whole exam pattern serves to determine the ability of the candidate to undertake responsibilities as pertain to the desired positions in civil serve. The administration system in India features all the civil service workers in the government. The exams are offered in accordance to the different cadres of service within the administration. For this reason, as examinations progress, they are focused on the area of interest where the candidate is required.

These Candidates taking part in the exams undergo considerations that include age. The exam structure gives minimum and maximum age brackets that candidates must have to take part in the exams. Through this move, it is possible to ensure that within every cadre in the workforce there is a productive team at all times. The minimum age as set for one to take part in the exam is to be at least 21 years. IAS exams are used to sieve candidates as they rise up the ladder in service. Used to measure ability of the candidate, there are limited attempts that each candidate is allowed at each stage. Candidates therefore get a chance to get a second attempt on any stage while at the same time serving to reduce overcrowding of candidates at one point.

IAS exams at follow a specific schedule. This outlines the exams centers through which the qualified candidates can register. This is a step that ensures the candidate is able to handle the exam with utmost convenience and in such way reduce limitations owing to locations. There are numerous restrictions through the exam process. Eligibility to take part in the exams therefore needs to be in respect of ability to overcome the restriction in place. The restrictions vary with each stage and therefore they do not limit all for all of the stages required.

There is a regulating body for the IAS examinations. In order to be considered by this body, the candidate needs to have passed the preliminary tests. Passing the preliminary tests allows the candidates to take part in exams that are related to one responsibilities in administration. Candidates therefore gain certification upon passing each of the stages and thus eligibility to move higher. For more ideas about exam, go to

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